Young at Heart: The Value of Intergenerational Living

Young at Heart: The Value of Intergenerational Living

June 1, 2021

One of the age-old foundations of human experience is the concept of older generations passing down knowledge, stories and wisdom to those that follow. It’s a beautiful and meaningful function of our society that is woven into its very fabric. Much less discussed are the wisdom and knowledge that younger generations can impart on those their senior. As the average lifespan continues to grow and healthcare improves, adults are able to experience and enjoy their later years to a fuller extent. This fulfilling new chapter can be enriched considerably by the wisdom of youth. According to Cheri Burcham of the University of Illinois Extension, “Older adults can also benefit from their interactions with youth. They too can learn new skills, like technology, and often feel rejuvenated and energized after spending time with young ones. The more time spent with each other can also bring greater understanding and appreciation of each generation – their beliefs, values, and behaviors.”

This is an important point to remember as you embark on your journey to find a senior living option for yourself or your loved one. Many people are unaware that this powerful symbiotic relationship can be achieved in the setting of a senior living community. Indeed, multigenerational or intergenerational senior living communities are on the rise – and with good reason. This kind of regular interaction can improve the lives of both parties and provide an additional dimension of fulfillment and engagement for older adults as they craft and perfect their lives during this new chapter.

Multigenerational communities are distinct in that they see the big picture. Unlike some traditional communities whose operations are confined to a singular structure or discrete campus surrounded by unrelated buildings and residences, these communities create an inclusive and holistic campus catering to multiple ages. For example, a senior living community may lie on the same property as a school campus. While the adults and students have all that they need to live their own lives, the layout provides a unique opportunity for different generations to teach and learn from each other and enjoy all of the resulting benefits.

The ideal community of this nature offers an “aging in place” model, meaning that it is fully equipped to provide multiple levels of service and care. Its residents need never worry about making another disruptive and exhausting move as their needs change; instead, their community grows with them and ensures they maintain their comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle no matter what comes next.

Many senior living organizations promote their communities as vibrant – but what does vibrant truly mean? To many enjoying a multigenerational lifestyle, it means the lively and energetic atmosphere afforded by a mixed-use community. Those who call these communities home can enjoy not only the benefits of diverse interactions, but they can live somewhere that actually embodies a sense of community – dynamic, diverse and full of life.

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