Join Us on a Multi-Generational Journey with From the Eyes of Wisdom

Let’s put the whole generation gap thing behind us, shall we?

Spend a delightful half hour on an adventure you’ll never forget!

Who says there’s a generation gap? At CRISTA Ministries, we’re debunking that myth with a fun podcast that brings listeners into the heart of conversations between seniors at CRISTA Senior Living and seniors at King’s Schools. We’ve paired fascinating 80-year-olds with passionate 18-year-olds eager to learn the pitfalls and victories of shared pursuits.

You will be riveted with Judie’s account of escaping from Beirut, Lebanon as bombs were falling, Carolyn’s refusal to give up creating art despite a crippling accident, and Elaine’s recovery from the sting of a scorpion while nursing in one of the most remote places on the planet.

Sit down with us for half an hour and enter into life-changing adventures, laugh over mistakes made and obstacles overcome, and discover the treasures in a life well lived. Media host Sherri Lynn directs the conversations with humor and insight.

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