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Pay My Bill

Carefeed Family Portal

CRISTA Senior Living residents and families can use our Online Payment system, through our Carefeed Family Portal.

One-time payments can be made at any time by using your Community link below.

If you would like to set up an account to store information, access your statements or access other features, you can request an invitation by submitting feedback on the portal Home page or emailing your Accounts Manager.

Crista Shores, Silverdale
[email protected]

Cristwood, Shoreline
[email protected]

We welcome your input regarding the features you want to see online. Please reach out to your accounts manager if you have questions or concerns.

Payments can be made via eCheck (ACH) transaction using checking account routing & account information or by using a bank card. There are fees* for this service.

Click the link for your community to access the payment portal.

* Transaction Fees

Fees will be the responsibility of resident or family member and will be imposed at the time of the transaction or posted to the following month’s billing statement.

  • Bank card fees are 2.99% of the transaction amount.
  • ACH fees are $0.75 + 0.05% of the transaction.