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The Difference Between Independent Living and Assisted Living in Senior Living Communities

September 28th, 2023

CRISTA Senior Living Blog - Difference Between Independent Living and Assisted Living

As you look ahead to your next chapter in life as a senior, it is important to determine what level of help you want and need for the daily tasks of living. There are several levels of senior care in communities for your to choose from. If you have questions, the experts at CRISTA Senior Living would love to help you.

In the meantime, here is a brief description of independent and assisted living options.

Independent Living

Independent living is ideal for seniors who are able to live independently and take care of their day-to-day activities, but who may need or want access to amenities such as transportation, meals, housekeeping, and recreational options. These communities typically provide a variety of services that can help make life easier for those living alone. The emphasis in independent living is on maintaining an individual’s active lifestyle with the convenience of community support while giving them freedom from the responsibilities of caring for a house and yard.

Assisted Living

Assisted living provides more comprehensive medical care and assistance. This type of senior living community provides the same basic services found in an independent living community while offering additional support with daily activities like dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, or medication management. Generally, residents in assisted living facilities have a lower level of independence and a higher level of care than those found in independent living communities. Assisted living is typically a good choice for seniors who need more personalized attention and assistance with the activities of daily living.

A Place for Both Levels of Care

Both independent and assisted living options are provided at Cristwood in Shoreline, WA and Crista Shores in Silverdale, Wa. Residents live among their peers in a safe and supportive environment while receiving the services they need to remain healthy and active.

It is important to consider your lifestyle needs and preferences when making an informed decision about which type of senior community best suits you. Regardless of their choice, all the residents at CRISTA Senior Living and Crista Shores benefit from living in a supportive community with access to activities and onsite amenities. From transportation services to housekeeping, senior communities provide resources that can ease the responsibilities of daily life for aging adults.

Ultimately, independent or assisted living should be chosen based on what best fits an individual’s lifestyle and needs. Additionally, it is important to explore all available options so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the right senior living community.

CRISTA Senior Living has helped hundreds of seniors determine which level of community is best for them. We love to make the transition easier for seniors. For more information or to schedule a tour at CRISTA Senior Living, visit or call 206.452.4074.

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What People Are Saying …

I would like to commend Cristwood Park staff on their efforts to protect themselves and their residents from COVID. It’s been a concern of ours since last March and we have been relieved to see so few cases in the Cristwood Park community. I would like to thank the staff and leadership for their diligence in maintaining good protocols throughout this pandemic.

CWP Family Member

CRISTA has been a warm, friendly atmosphere to be a part of these past two years. It encourages friendships that encourage a pleasant living environment.

Marty Victor, CWP

Exceptional personalized holistic care. Helps keep Mom’s mind active and she flourishes with the nurturing care. Especially of value currently given the COVID restrictions. We are genuinely pleased with our mom's care.

Resident's Daughter, Memory Care

Thinking back on all the great care you and your team have given her at CRISTA, we thank you for all that. I am sure it made a difference in the quality of her life.

I appreciate the personal relationship I have with the staff and the good communication they give me.

I am so stunned by all the amazing people who live at CRISTA. The depth of their stories, their experiences are so powerful. They are fascinating and I learn something new every day! Such a wealth of intellect, experiences, and fun loving people. I love living here.

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