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Gardening Small: 10 Tips for a Tiny Garden of Joy

May 20th, 2020

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Spring has sprung and after the last few months sequestered in our homes, we need some new life surrounding us.  Lady Bird Johnson once said, “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” What can be more beautiful than the beauty, smells, hummingbirds and growth that comes from a fresh home garden? Because many of us have limited space and time, a smaller version of greenery is a great option.  Here are 10 tips to creating a beautiful tiny garden of joy.

1. Use your Balcony. The types of plants for your deck will vary depending on climate and sunshine availability but there are a variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables that can thrive in small pots on your deck.

2. Add Fruit. Good Housekeeping has excellent information about dwarf fruit trees that can be grown in small spaces. Calamondin orange is one of the best choices for beginner gardeners. They produce beautifully scented flowers and small sour oranges that can be used for marmalade.

3. Roses are Red and many other colors! For city dwellers who have full sunlight, or at least 5 hours of sun, can add mini or dwarf roses to their colorful bloom collection.

4. Rally your Railings. Home Depot has a variety of clever railing planters that would be a terrific addition to any deck.

5. Add some Greenery. Consider purchasing small evergreen options that can last well beyond the summer blooms. When fall and winter arrive, they will give added joy to your outside view. Here are nine tiny evergreens you can grow year-round.

6. Pick Picante. Hot peppers are beautiful and depending on the variety you pick, can provide a spicy or mild dried chile to use in cooking. They also provide vibrant, colorful peppers to brighten your casita.

7. Select Easy Peasy Succulents. If your thumb isn’t green, succulents are the perfect choice. These are low maintenance that barely need water and very little attention. They can easily be grown on the windowsill.

8. Amaze yourself with Deck Tomatoes. Over the summer you can grow your best tomatoes right outside your door. Some common favorites are Grape Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes and Heirloom Tomatoes.

9. Hanging Baskets always win. Bring hummingbirds to your doorstep with beautiful Fuchsias or Petunias or this list of popular flowers. Do be careful to choose flowers that work with the amount of sunlight in the small area you will have them in.

10. Feed Weekly. Many flowers in smaller containers need extra feeding because of frequent watering and loss of nutrients. Use half strength liquid fertilizer to keep them blooming their best throughout the summer.

Staying home can be a beautiful thing, especially if you are surrounded by beauty and blooms. Take time to build a garden of joy in your small space this spring and summer. Then watch hope bloom alongside your flowers in 2020.

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