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Elevating Dining in Assisted Living: A Look at CRISTA Senior Living

October 10th, 2023

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Elevating dining is an important goal in an assisted living community. At CRISTA Senior Living, we understand that as we age, our dietary needs and dining preferences often undergo significant changes. That’s why we provide not just nourishment, but also a delightful dining experience for our residents. We take great pride in our commitment to elevating the dining experience for residents.

The Importance of Elevating Dining in Assisted Living

Dining plays a crucial role in the lives of seniors living in assisted communities. It goes beyond just satisfying hunger; it is a social, emotional, and sensory experience that can greatly impact residents’ overall quality of life. Here are some reasons why dining is so important in assisted living:

Nutritional Well-being: Our nutritional needs change as we age, and maintaining a balanced diet becomes more critical. Assisted living communities like CRISTA Senior Living provide carefully planned meals to ensure residents receive the necessary nutrients to support their health. Learn more about national nutrition standards for older adults here.

Social Connection: Dining provides residents with an opportunity to socialize, make new friends, and build a sense of community. Sharing meals can combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. More tips for avoiding isolation and loneliness can be found here.

Emotional Well-being: A delicious, well-presented meal can uplift spirits and improve the overall mood of residents. It can evoke positive memories and create a sense of comfort.Safety and Assistance: For seniors with mobility issues or cognitive decline, dining in an assisted living community offers a safe environment with trained staff available to assist as needed.

CRISTA Senior Living Values Elevating Dining for Seniors

CRISTA Senior Living, with renowned senior living communities in Shoreline, WA and Silverdale, WA, recognizes the significance of dining and goes the extra mile to provide residents with an exceptional dining experience. Here’s how CRISTA Senior Living stands out in this aspect:

Restaurant-Style Dining: CRISTA Senior Living offers restaurant-style dining in an elegant and inviting setting. Residents can enjoy delicious, chef-prepared meals in a relaxed atmosphere that promotes social interaction.

Nutrition and Variety: The community strongly emphasizes nutrition, offering a wide variety of well-balanced, made-from-scratch meals. To ensure residents’ dietary requirements are met, we accommodate special dietary needs and preferences.

Dining Flexibility: CRISTA Senior Living understands that every resident is unique. They provide flexibility in dining choices, allowing residents to choose from a diverse menu of options for each meal.

Engaging Culinary Experiences: We regularly organize special events and themed meals to keep dining exciting and engaging. Residents can look forward to seasonal and holiday-inspired menus that add a touch of festivity to their dining experience.

Dedicated Culinary Team: The communities have dedicated culinary teams committed to delivering the highest quality dining experience. These professionals take residents’ feedback and preferences seriously to continually enhance the dining offerings.

Community Gardens: CRISTA Senior Living goes beyond the dining room by maintaining community gardens where residents can participate in gardening activities, fostering a deeper connection to the food they consume.

Dining is an integral part of life, and its significance only grows as we age. Assisted living communities like CRISTA Senior Living understand this and go to great lengths to provide a dining experience that exceeds expectations. Their dedication to nutrition, socialization, and overall well-being is evident in their commitment to elevating the dining experience for their residents.

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What People Are Saying …

I would like to commend Cristwood Park staff on their efforts to protect themselves and their residents from COVID. It’s been a concern of ours since last March and we have been relieved to see so few cases in the Cristwood Park community. I would like to thank the staff and leadership for their diligence in maintaining good protocols throughout this pandemic.

CWP Family Member

CRISTA has been a warm, friendly atmosphere to be a part of these past two years. It encourages friendships that encourage a pleasant living environment.

Marty Victor, CWP

Exceptional personalized holistic care. Helps keep Mom’s mind active and she flourishes with the nurturing care. Especially of value currently given the COVID restrictions. We are genuinely pleased with our mom's care.

Resident's Daughter, Memory Care

Thinking back on all the great care you and your team have given her at CRISTA, we thank you for all that. I am sure it made a difference in the quality of her life.

I appreciate the personal relationship I have with the staff and the good communication they give me.

I am so stunned by all the amazing people who live at CRISTA. The depth of their stories, their experiences are so powerful. They are fascinating and I learn something new every day! Such a wealth of intellect, experiences, and fun loving people. I love living here.

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