The Peace of Christ

The Peace of Christ

December 7, 2017

Be still, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10a)

The holidays are an emotional time for all of us. Some holidays are spent missing lost loved ones, or feeling depressed with our current life situation. Other holiday seasons bring us joy and laughter with friends and family. In each season, it’s important to make the time to BE STILL. The Psalmist is pretty clear that during this time of being still, we are able to know God and grow deeper with him.

So often we see Christmas with the ‘Christ’ taken out and replaced with an ‘X’. It’s almost as if it’s a nameless celebration. It is in no way a ‘nameless’ event, but a wonderful celebration of the greatest event in history – the birth of Christ and the reconciliation to God He brought to us all. Through Jesus we can know peace!

Think back over previous holidays. Can you recall a time when you experienced the blessings and peace of God? Just as children go from present to present, we fill our schedules with events and parties. Step back from all the busyness, take a few deep breaths and simply BE STILL. Soak it up and know that he is God, and He loves you!

I pray that this will allow you to be filled with the presence of God.