Let God Be Their Judge

Let God Be Their Judge

August 17, 2017

The Lord goes out like a mighty man, like a man of war he stirs up his zeal; he cries out, he shouts aloud, he shows himself mighty against his foes. Isaiah 42:13

When you see pictures of Jesus, do they ever depict Him as a warrior? Do they ever show Him defeating his enemies? Probably not. Generally, he is longingly gazing heavenward, holding a child or a lamb. Isaiah, however, is very clear about our God: He is a warrior. Revelation 19:12-16 reveals what He will look like when He “shows Himself mighty against His foes.”

This may appear to contradict what we are called to do as Christians. For example, Jesus instructed us to turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:39), go the extra mile (Matthew 5:41), give up our coat (Matthew 5:42), love our enemies (Matthew 5:44), and show mercy (Matthew 5:7). How can we do this when our God is called “a man of war”? We are freed to do this as Christians because it isn’t our job to judge God’s enemies or make them pay the wages of their sin! We are to love them so that they may come to worship God.

While our God is holy and just, He is also merciful, even to the point of sacrificing His only Son. We can weather hardships, trials, and injustice done to us because we know that our God is coming back to “judge the living and the dead” (2 Timothy 4:1), and He will never leave nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).

Do you try to judge others instead of loving them and letting God be their judge?