Respect and Care for Those You Love.

Memory loss is more than simply forgetting. We understand the difficulties families face when their once vibrant and active loved one faces these challenges. Increased depression, decreased socialization, and fear often take over!

If your loved one ever faces memory loss, the meaningful engagement found at The Courtyard will give you peace in knowing your loved one is cared for in a loving and safe environment. Our Poplar Place and Chestnut Court neighborhoods are designed for residents with mild to moderate memory care needs.

At The Courtyard, families are encouraged and connected through patient care conferences, volunteer opportunities, daily visits, and open communication regarding the care and outcomes. As memory loss progresses, our Rehab & Skilled Care unit, Dogwood Terrace, is ready to help in a secure and supportive environment that supports each resident’s special requirements. Call today and schedule a tour 206-546-7565.

Our memory care includes:

  • Connected activities through innovative technology IN2L (see below) allowing engagement, therapy, and cognitive stimulation.
  • 24/7 caregivers (ratio of 1:8 with full-time nurse supervisor) who are committed to a peaceful environment of care
  • Music Therapy and sing-a-longs
  • Balance and seated exercise designed for those with memory loss
  • Secure wing where residents are free to wander and engage with others
  • Movie Nights
  • Outdoor patio for gardening and relaxing
  • Therapy kitchen for cooking, socializing, and entertaining
  • Spiritual activities and chaplain support
  • On-site dietitian to support creative and healthy menus
  • Open communication with family members


Thanks to our generous donors, an innovative new technology known as IN2L (It’s Never 2 Late) is available for residents in The Courtyard Assisted and Memory Care in Shoreline, allowing residents to experience daily neuromuscular reeducation, strength and endurance, cognition, and safety awareness, right at their fingertips. IN2L is a computer-based therapy application delivered by well-trained staff, providing emotional support for those who are stricken with memory loss.

Thanks to therapy-specific programming and a clinically intuitive layout, therapists are seeing positive outcomes with clients, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities. However, the rehab power of iN2L technology can be profound when the system is utilized for clients who might otherwise be difficult to reach with traditional treatment approaches. With the massive library of content available to them, rehab professionals are finding new ways to engage and treat clients with dementia and cognitive decline like never before.

Unlike other rehab tools that only provide value to one or two disciplines working with a specific set of clientele, the iN2L system can add value to all therapies working with any patient. In fact, iN2L has such a wide variety of clinical tools for all three disciplines. In fact, you will watch it in action by therapists throughout the day!

Respite Care

We know caregivers need support. We know that you need time to care for yourself, and through our Respite Care program, your loved one can stay temporarily at The Courtyard. Your ability to take care of and provide support to your loved one is only as good as you feel. Let us support you with our Respite care program. Call us to schedule a quick tour and information session 206-546-7565.

Our Philosophy

Millions of Americans suffer from some form of memory loss and are cared for by family members who are navigating each day in silence. At The Courtyard Assisted Living and Memory Care, we understand! We are here to lift that burden and allow you to be family. Our philosophy of engaging, actively supporting, and purpose driven activities brings safety and meaning to those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.