CRISTA Rehab & Skilled Care

Q: How should I prepare for surgery?
Pre-surgery visits and evaluations are part of our success. We help navigate your insurance benefits, transition expectations, transportation arrangements, and paperwork prior to surgery. The transition from hospital to short-term stay will happen with ease. 

Q: How do I know if CRISTA is right for me?
Our Rehab & Skilled Care is one of the best in the region. Here’s a few reasons CRISTA is right for you:

  • We offer in-house therapy, which means that rather than contracting outside therapists, we present the best rehabilitation product for you each day through our full-time team. As full-time team members, our therapists are dedicated to the goals of CRISTA Rehab & Skilled Care.
  • You’ll have an assigned rehab team, who will work with you for your entire stay. With an individualized care plan created just for you, your family and you will always know who talk to about your care, because the same team will see you through from beginning to end. Their intimate knowledge of you and your health is an incredible asset to recovery.
  • We have the lowest return to hospital rate in the region—meaning you get better for the long-run.
  • Thanks to a full-time, dedicated care team, we can ensure shorter stays, so you are able to get healthy quicker and for good.

Q: Can I expect any follow up?
Expect a member of your care team to call you after discharge to check up and ensure you continue feeling your best.

Q: Do you offer pharmacy services?
Yes! We offer pharmacy services at discharge so you can take prescriptions home with you without stopping by the pharmacy.

Q: What forms of insurance do you accept?
We accept most insurances and are preferred providers for Premera BlueCross, Regence BlueShield, United Healthcare Optum.We also accept MedicarePart A and Part B as well as certainlevels of Medicaid. For more information about your insurance plan,please contact your provider or brokerfor co-pay and pre-authorization. Our expert billing team is also available to answer any questions you might have.