Summer Fun After a Pandemic

Summer Fun After a Pandemic

July 29, 2020

As Washington adjusts to the new normal, how we personally define “summer fun” has dramatically changed.  Even if everything has opened up, our lives and the way we look at social contact have been altered.  Most of us have perfected indoor activities like reading, zoom gatherings and anything on the television or computer. Now, the doors have been opened to outdoor activities.  Summer gives you the opportunity to leave the house while taking distancing and safety precautions with you.  Exciting summer adventures await!

Let’s Go Outside 

o   Parks are open and the outdoors is the healthiest place for you to be.  You can take a walk or short hike.  Share the venture driving in separate cars and maintain a distance while walking together if you meet a friend.

o   Beaches are open. Take time to rest and rejuvenate on a sunny day at the beach.  Bring your lawn chair and breathe in the salt air.  The Northwest has plenty of beaches waiting for a visit.

o   Interurban trails are open.  Track your walking or bicycling along one of the local interurban trails over the summer. Most of these trials are designed for even short walks.





Take a Day trip There are a multitude of day trips within a short drive from home.  Make a bucket list of places you would like to visit, and try to visit one new location each week. Here are some quick and easy options.

o   Mount Rainier – Spectacular views of our main mountain await.  Here is a website with information and maps to help you get there. Tip: schedule your trip around traffic so you are not slowed down during peak driving hours.

 Denny Creek Picnic :  On the Snoqualmie River, this is one of the oldest Forest Service campgrounds.  You can walk to nearby Wagon Road Trail, Franklin Falls Trail and Denny Creek Trail, which enters the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, or just remain in the picnic area within the forest and with access to a beautiful creek.

 Deception Pass Beach Day: Deception Pass is Washington’s most-visited state park for a reason. Mysterious coves, rugged cliffs, jaw-dropping sunsets, and a stomach-dropping high bridge make this park a go-to for locals and international travelers alike. Plus, it’s accessible without having to take an expensive ferry ride!

 Washington Park, Anacortes By far, a family favorite with beach access, picnic area, play area for grandkids and a beautiful one way drive along the shore of this scenic park. Watch for deer and be sure to bring a picnic lunch.

While you are in Anacortes, be sure to drive to Cap Sante Park, on the other side of town where the views of the city and waters are gorgeous. Make sure you have a camera on a sunny day.

Spending Time with Friends.  The difficulty is that we are not always certain when we are at risk.  So safety must remain at the center of our activities. It’s hard to know who is currently infected, who has never been infected, and who has had the virus and recovered so the safest choice is to not put yourself or anyone else at risk. How can you spend time with others and still remain safe? Although there are no guarantees, these tips can be helpful as you initiate activities with others:

o   Take separate cars to activities with non-family members.  This allows you the “space” you need to remain healthy and not pose a risk for others.

o   Be mindful of space.  No matter where you are indoors or out, stay appropriately distant physically from people and don’t be embarrassed to use a mask.

o   Carry hand sanitizer and use it liberally.

o   Carry disinfectant wipes to sanitize areas you have to use (like bathrooms, door handles, etc…)

We live in difficult times where social contact has taken a toll on the health of everyone around us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few summer adventures or time enjoying nature.  Summer 2020 may be an adjustment for all of us, but there is still plenty of summer fun available after a pandemic.

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