Spring Clean Like a Minimalist

Spring Clean Like a Minimalist

April 22, 2020

Spring cleaning has taken front stage this year as many Americans are under stay-at-home orders to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Even though many have stocked up on hand sanitizer and disinfectants, it is easy to overlook cleaning needs that are a bit deeper than surface cleaning.  We wanted to take a different direction by giving you tips to spring clean like a minimalist.

The spark joy movement and minimalism have become more than just a trend for many of us as we consider what we “need” vs. what we “want”.  Spring cleaning can be much more than sterilizing and eliminating built up grime. The onset of spring gives us the promise of new beginnings. It prompts us to reflect on how we can live happier, freer, and unburdened lives.  It gives us a chance to evaluate how we spend our time. We can also make wise choices about what and who to surround ourselves with; people and things that are truly valuable and give us a sense of delight. This is our chance to put aside or eliminate the stuff that gets in the way of what truly matters.

Before embarking on a cleaning frenzy, take some time to ask yourself honestly;

What are the things that are essential to my joy or life values?

Who are the people that are most important in my life?

What are the things I cannot live without? 

Here is a list of important questions to ask yourself when it comes time to spring clean like a minimalist:

1.      Is it functional and necessary? Does it have a purpose that requires you to use it daily or weekly?

2.      Do I have more than one? We don’t need to multiply items in our home. They just take up space that we can use for more important things.

3.  Does it give me a sense of delight?

a.      Does it symbolize a special story or memory?

b.      Is it so beautiful that it gives me a sense of joy every time I look at it?

4.      Has it been sitting here more than a year? If you haven’t used it yet, let someone else enjoy it. Limit what you save for a rainy day.

5.      Do I have plenty of space?  Space provides calm and room to think. Physical and mental clutter cause all kinds of dangers and we want to make sure we have plenty of breathing and living room to thrive, move, share and create with.

6.      Do I have plenty of time? Priorities are important in choosing the material items that surround you as well as the events, activities and people that you spend time with.  Make sure that you trim away the unnecessary focus on time consuming activities that give your life meaning and value.

7.      Does it take a lot of time for maintenance?  I don’t know about you, but as I age, I want things around me that are not going to break and things that I don’t have to spend a lot of time taking care of.  I retired from work and would prefer to add as few unenjoyable tasks as possible to my schedule.

Spring cleaning like a minimalist is all about focusing on what is most important to your life and what brings a true sense of value.  It will be different for each person, but getting rid of the non-essentials will give you room for joy and gratitude. It will open up spaces for contemplation and creativity and it will also give you a lot fewer things to clean! Let us know how you spring clean like a minimalist in the comments below.