Remember a Great Man

Remember a Great Man

October 30, 2019
Mike & Vivian Martin

Hebrews 13:7 tells us “Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.”  

All Saints’ Day is a holiday feast day that is celebrated on November 1st in both Catholic and liturgical Protestant churches. Not to be confused with Halloween or Day of the Dead, All Saints Day offers an opportunity for every person to remember the triumph of the faithfully departed people in heaven.

Those who typically recognize All Saints’ Day do so in the sense of recognizing and remembering those godly people who went before us, but not including prayers to the dead. In that same spirit of remembering and with gratitude we wanted to share about Mike Martin, the founder of CRISTA Senior Living over 70 years ago. 

In 1948, Mike Martin prayed for a youth home just outside the abandoned Firland Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Shoreline, Washington. After finding the property, Mike removed his shoes and bare feet he went into the compound praying over the property and asking for God’s favor. When he told his friends some laughed at the idea. But he had faith that God would open the doors to purchase it. He had no idea he was helping to plant a seed that would grow into the family of ministries we have today. He was simply looking for a place to house and feed the teens he’d met through his ministry with youth.

Although the King County Commissioners responsible for the sanatorium’s fate initially rejected Martin’s application to lease the space, he was persistent. Eventually, the commissioners granted Martin the 56-acre campus for $1.00 a year, with one condition: he must also begin a much-needed retirement community on the campus..

Just one year later the sanatorium became King’s Garden and opened as a home to youth in dormitories and approximately 80 elderly residents. Thus was born CRISTA Senior Ministries in 1949.

Mike Martin was a humble man of faith and persistence.  He was not bashful about asking God to great things and was expectant to see Him move great barriers.  He also started his bold spiritual journey at an older age. Not intimidated by age, money, education or politics, he founded what is now one of the largest family of ministries reaching people around the world. Mike Martin was truly a man worth remembering.

On this All Saints’ Day, we hope you will take time to remember and be grateful for those who went before you, who influenced you and help change the direction of your life for better. 

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