CRISTA Rehab & Skilled Care | Your Passport to Recovery

CRISTA Rehab & Skilled Care provides short-term rehabilitation (Post Acute) for patients of any age needing additional therapy programs and or recovery following surgery, stroke, or major illness. Our patients’ success is our goal and returning home as soon as possible is our priority. Collaborative care for the whole patient involves a team of highly skilled professionals who are experts in their field. Our staff and physical therapy team work side-by-side with each patients’ doctor and medical team to develop personalized care plans through adaptive equipment, home evaluations, and patient and family involvement.

Our Medical Teams Provide In-House Therapy | As full-time team members, our therapists are dedicated to the goals of CRISTA Rehab & Skilled Care. Rather than contracting outside therapists, we present the best rehabilitation product for you each day through our full-time team. This creates a higher quality of care as your team is dedicated to the mission of CRISTA Rehab & Skilled Care; they are in it to make people better, day in and day out. MORE