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The Importance of Community

The Importance of Community

May 1, 2017

When visitors walk through our community we often hear them say, “There is something different here”. I believe that is because our residents and staff are brought together by common values and Christian beliefs. We serve together, staff and residents, giving everyone an equal sense of purpose and commitment. Staff work here because it’s a calling to serve seniors; seniors live here because they are called to be part of a community that provides fellowship as well as opportunities to continue serving. This is CRISTA Senior Living (CSL) and this is exactly why visitors feel something different when walking through our communities.

CRISTA SENIOR LIVING offers two communities: Cristwood in Shoreline  a Life Plan Community (formerly known as a Continuous Care Retirement Community CCRC) and CRISTA Shores in Silverdale collectively serve over 700 seniors;. We have a 67 year legacy of serving seniors and a commitment to excellence rooted in our Christian faith.  That legacy, in no way, suggests that we are an old fashioned “Nursing Home” Quite the opposite. We are a, vibrant, highly diverse, weave of people interested in growth, innovation and fellowship. As Christian Senior Communities we provide multiple care and housing options to meet the needs of our Community members as they journey through life. Our Independent Living options range from simple studios to large luxurious two bedroom suites. Our Assisted Living offers traditional care options and on our Shoreline Campus, two amazing Memory Care Units, with experts in memory care programming and award winning technology used in dementia care. In Shoreline, as our resident’s care needs increase, we provide skilled nursing care in our long term care neighborhoods. We also support our local hospitals and healthcare community by providing short-term rehabilitation (also known as post-acute care), to patients needing recovery from surgery, stroke, spinal cord injuries, cardiac event, serious illness, or wound care. In short we are an all-encompassing community.

Our two campuses are uniquely different. CRISTA Shores is located in Silverdale overlooking Dye’s Inlet offering residents with water front board walks that provide some amazing bird watching. Cristwood is located in Shoreline and sits on 55 beautifully landscaped acres and shares the campus with six other CRISTA Ministries providing unlimited opportunities to engage with local and global ministry work. One of the unique features on the Shoreline campus is the proximity to King’s School (pre-school through high school). On any given day you will find young people and our seniors interacting.  King’s school and CSL strive to find ways to intentionally engage students with seniors. These intergenerational events provide sharing and purpose to both students and seniors.

As you walk around our campus’s what you will experience, more than anything, is a sense of community and belonging. The bases of that belonging is our long rooted legacy of Christian Faith. My favorite definition of community is, “A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and values”. Here at CSL we share in our faith and our love of Jesus Christ. Our values are deeply rooted in that faith. This unites us in a way that is truly unique. We also share in a mission to “cultivate community where seniors and staff experience grace, encounter Christ’s love and discover renewed purpose”.

I invite you to come feel the difference, experience Community Like No Other.

Billie Pendleton, RN, BSN, CHC,
Vice President, CRISTA Senior Living