Poetry by Resident Virginia Cook

Poetry by Resident Virginia Cook

April 18, 2019

Virginia Cook

Poetry is one of the most powerful forms of therapy. In the midst of so much noise today, Poet and Resident Virginia finds harmony and calmness when she writes. Her advice during #NationalPoetryMonth? ‘Don’t be intimidated by poetry. Words are the mechanics to a poem. If you have an idea, words will come to you.”

New Decade
By Virginia Cook
August 26, 2005

As I grow older and my path’s less clear,
and time is passing while I am alone,
the world has changed around me year by year,
and life has taken on a new and different tone.
The path I walk is less familiar with each mile,
the landmarks blurred, the well-trod pathway now a trail
through unfamiliar land. New chances smile,
and different customs rise while old ones fail.
Invisible though dangers round me lurk
I sense protecting powers of faith and love
as if I’m being saved for some small work
by the design of grace that reigns above.
The world but lately calls me with a different song.
The task for me: to understand where I belong.

Springtime Sonnet
By Virginia Cook
April 3, 2008

The newspaper comes daily to my door
with issues that reporters want to share, and television tells me even more
about things that I find so hard to bear.
Then people talk together of the news
of war, death and destruction overseas,
and, in our country, of opposing views –
with people thinking anything they please –
about the primary election scene,
and what the unemployed and homeless need,
the ever-rising price of gasoline
and how it must tie in to corporate greed.
But still our planet turns around the run
and Spring brings beauty, promise as it’s always done.