Poetry by Resident Brenda Rogers

Poetry by Resident Brenda Rogers

April 23, 2019

Brenda RogersIn celebration of National Poetry Month, we would like for you to meet Poet and Resident Brenda Rogers.

Brenda has been writing poetry since high school. Her English teacher first introduced her to free verse poetry. After high school, Brenda studied to become a fisheries biologist. Indeed, the science of poetry and the poetry of science became a richly unique combination for Brenda, as she continued to write poetry in the years to come.

Brenda currently facilitates Poetry night at Cristwood Park with fellow Poet Virginia Cook. To her surprise, these monthly meetings have become a sanctuary for residents to share their poems out loud. Sharing their poetry is like sharing a part of their lives and for this reason, Brenda is honored to be part of this group. The level of trust between each resident is something she values tremendously. We’re grateful for Brenda and the greater community of Poets:

(Untitled) by Brenda Rogers
The trees are
The birds are
Oh the precious
morning – How

A Lesson by Brenda Rogers
I hold myself quietly
It’s so different from
yesterday’s social outwardness

Jesus spoke to the multitudes,
then retired to the desert
for its peace. It’s the
balance that’s important,
you see.

(Untitled) by Brenda Rogers
My mouth tastes
Of salt. Saltwater
Flows in the sea. Come
with me down to those
Wave-tossed shores
And I’ll show you
Your origins.