Crafting a Life that Brings Meaning and Purpose

Crafting a Life that Brings Meaning and Purpose

January 18, 2019

There is a misconception, especially among younger generations, that when you retire you have nothing to do. Nothing can be further from the truth! We are living in a new era of aging – one filled with anticipation and accomplishment.

Meet John, one of the many residents at Crista Shores, who is changing the way we think about aging.

The woodworking shop at Crista Shores is a sanctuary for John. At 90 years young, John can take any shapeless block of wood and turn it into something beautiful. His love for craftsmanship began at an early age. John spent 35 years in the construction business. He’s done everything from working on an assembly line at Hudson motor in 1950 to building an 1,800 square foot residential home. You could say John mastered the essentials of craftsmanship through a lifetime’s worth of experience.

John’s woodworking has become more than just a hobby. It brings him joy and meaning to not only his life, but other residents as well. His creativity inspires others to do the same. According to John, this is the secret to longevity: having a purpose. Discover a hidden talent, stay active, and keep your mind going. How long you live and the quality of your life are, to a great extent, under your control. For John, there is no end to this journey of discovery with woodworking.

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