Appreciating Golf in God’s Creation

Appreciating Golf in God’s Creation

August 9, 2018

National Golf Month is upon us! Golfers of all skill levels are encouraged to share their experiences and bring new golfers to the green. Whether you play for fun or competitively, National Golf Month is an opportunity to share your unique golfing stories. Cristwood Life Plan Community’s very own residents, Jim Johnson and Sandra Linginbrink, recently shared their stories with us.

A Legacy of Golf
Jim is no stranger to the CRISTA community as he attended King’s High School from 1950-1954. He then attended Seattle Pacific University where he found the love of his life, Barb, during sophomore year. Today they’ve both found themselves back at CRISTA as residents of one of our beautiful senior living communities – Cristwood.

Jim took up the game of golf at nine years old after his dad brought him to Jackson Park Golf Course in Seattle. From that day on, he knew his love for golf was innate. Jim retired from his career in 1996, but his passion for golf continued. He’s entered several fundraising tournaments for Youth for Christ, Seattle Pacific University, and King’s High School. He’s even shared his lifetime’s worth of wisdom and experience golfing with his two sons. Most recently, Jim made his first hole-in-one last year after nearly eight decades of golfing.

Appreciating Golf in God’s Creation

The thing with Jim is that his hole-in-one wasn’t the defining moment of his golfing career. He instead often finds himself captivated by the infinite beauty that surrounds him when out on the green. This is what Jim hopes others experience while playing a round of golf. Thank you, Jim, for reminding us to live in the present moment!

For those of you looking to improve your game, here are Jim’s top five golfing tips:

1) Don’t let your score ruin the fun
2) Swing away and have a good time
3) Younger generation: The earlier you take lessons, the better
4) Older generation: Go out and take a lesson or two. It’s never too late to learn!
5) Embrace God’s beautiful creation in the Pacific Northwest

Tune in next week for Sandra’s story. In the meantime, you’ll find Jim and half a dozen other resident golfers teeing off at the Nile Golf Course!