5 Pieces of Advice from Older Adults

5 Pieces of Advice from Older Adults

December 28, 2018

A new year often equates to a fresh start. As we use the remaining days to reflect on the past year, we cannot help but look toward the future. Who better to answer questions about the purpose of life than someone who has been living theirs for a long time? Six of our residents share advice to future generations:

Rus & Sharon: “Keep things in perspective.” Rus is a long-time volunteer at Bridge Disability Ministries, a nonprofit organization serving people with disabilities. He and Sharon find volunteering a way to keep perspective and highly encourages others to do the same!

Dennis: “Think carefully about what you say and do.” Dennis has been an active cyclist, runner, and skier for most of his life. He’s also had a rewarding career in graphic design and advertising. Through his recreational, personal, and professional life experiences, he has found this to be true – we all have opportunity to empower others or bring them down. Choose wisely.

John: “My wife died 6 years ago. I have no regrets but I can see little things in retrospect. She loved cut flowers. To me, they were a waste because they would die so I would buy her plants. I would have bought her more cut flowers. As for the future, God will lead you every way. Know that no matter how dire the circumstances, God is always in charge.”

Kathleen: “Love others more. I have made it my life-long rule to love others more and share my faith. How satisfying would it be to have a life with minimum regrets. It will take time for younger generations to develop skills, attitudes, and friendships but they will eventually get there by continuing to help, love, give, and pray.”

Murray: “Don’t be as stupid as I was. Looking back in college, I wasted too much time and I spent money on temporal things that didn’t satisfy and went away. We had the downturn in economy in ’71 and that life style went away never to return. Instead of being a spender, I was more of a saver and that has served me well.”