How is Your Memory?

How is Your Memory?

October 28, 2020

November is National Alzheimer’s Month which is a great time to have your memory checked.  As a memory care community, we would like to encourage you to have a memory screening.  With the goal of early detection and prevention, memory screenings present a valuable opportunity to learn more about healthy lifestyle choices.

What are Memory Screenings? Memory screenings are a simple and safe way to test memory and other thinking skills with a series of questions and tasks that take about ten minutes to complete. The process and results are completely confidential, and the screenings do not diagnose any particular illness. Memory screenings are available to anyone, whether they have current memory concerns, are at risk for dementia, or simply want to be screened as a baseline for future comparisons.

Why should you have a memory screening?  Memory screenings are a first step to identifying potential memory issues and can also be a way to learn if a more complete medical visit would be beneficial. With early detection, memory screenings allow individuals the opportunity to talk with their doctor about identifying, treating, and slowing down conditions that cause memory problems. Screenings can also be a learning opportunity for families as they plan for the future.

For a Confidential and FREE Digital Memory Screening, follow this link:

How can I exercise my brain?  Research has revealed the flexibility that enables a person to improve brain functioning. Our brains retain the ability to change and grow throughout our lives, and new experiences, new challenges, and mental exercises can strengthen and enhance cognitive functions over time. The following activities can all be helpful in exercising your brain:

  • Study a new language
  • Join a book club
  • Discuss current events
  • Write letters to friends
  • Visit a museum
  • Do crossword or jigsaw puzzles
  • Play board games
  • Learn new computer skills

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