A Gentle Guide to Enjoying the Winter Outdoors

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A Gentle Guide to Enjoying the Winter Outdoors

The winters in Washington can be long, wet and really cold, so appreciating the dark months of early winter can be a real challenge. Fortunately,…

January 30, 2020

Staying Positive in a Negative Culture

Have you noticed the pessimism that seems to have enveloped our country and communities? Are you discouraged by the negativity that is being broadcasted by…

January 22, 2020
Downsize Sparks Joy

Does Downsizing Really Spark Joy?

When Marie Kondo first published her book about Tidying Up, people around the world made “does it spark joy?” a household saying. All of a…

January 15, 2020

How Do People Get Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that develops after being exposed to a toxic substance called asbestos. Many people were unknowingly exposed to asbestos for the…

January 8, 2020
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All Work & No Play Makes a Dull Day

5 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Hobbies Having a hobby brings more than personal enrichment to our lives. By learning new skills, resurrecting dormant…

January 1, 2020